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Investor Advantage Package

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Austral Investor Advantage Loan Package

Investor Advantage is a loan package for borrowers who have a home loan and want to purchase an investment (property or shares) or refinance an investment loan. The Investor Advantage Package can help you leverage your particular circumstances so you improve your cash flow which in turn allows you to build your investment portfolio and repay your home loan faster.

All you need is some existing equity in your home or other property and you can start building your wealth today for a great lifestyle tomorrow.

Your Investor Advantage Loan Package includes the following:

Investor Advantage is unique because documentation for the product ensures that loan accounts are not linked and investment and personal borrowings are not mixed in any way. If you are an investor talk to the experts at Austral on how the Investor Advantage Package can make a difference to you.

Check out these great benefits of our Investment Loans

1. The 100% Offset Savings account attaches to your Home Loan Account.


build wealth with an austral mortgage investment loan

You can salary credit and/or put rent and other savings into the offset savings account. You pay less interest because interest is calculated daily on the outstanding loan balance less the offset savings account balance.

As a result…the interest component of your monthly home loan repayment reduces and the principal component correspondingly increases so you pay down your non-deductible home loan debt faster.

2. Unique Austral Offset Account

Austral’s offset account is unique because other Offset Accounts are available only with variable rate home loans. Our Offset Account is available with both variable and fixed rate home loans.

If you are concerned about rising interest rates you can fix your rate, sleep easy at night and still enjoy the benefits of the 100% Offset Account. Of course, you can access funds in your Offset account without fuss and bill payments can be made electronically from the Offset Account which is convenient, quick and easy – you avoid hassles and save time.

3. Borrow 100% of Purchase Price of Investment

The investment line of credit (LOC), together with the investment term loan allows you to borrow 100% of the purchase price of an investment + the acquisition costs. This maximises your negative gearing benefits and allows you to apply personal savings (that might otherwise have been used for a deposit and/or costs on the investment purchase) as an additional payment to your home loan (or deposit in your 100% offset account) so that you reduce your non-deductible home loan interest and pay down your personal home loan debt faster.

4. Immediate Access to Funds

The investment LOC gives you immediate access to funds providing you with a buffer to cover unexpected vacancies or costs (e.g. property maintenance or margin calls) so there is no strain on your cash flow.

5. No need to Subsidise Investment Costs with Personal Income

Having an investment LOC in place means you no longer have to subsidise your investment costs with personal income. Instead you draw down on your “buffer” LOC to meet all costs on your investment property and any shortfall between rent received and interest payable under your investment loan. Use your well-earned personal income to take a holiday or better still, if you are in wealth building mode pay down your personal non-deductible home mortgage to free up equity in your home against which you can borrow funds to assist with the purchase of another investment property. The will holiday refresh you and your family, reducing personal debt will improve your cash flow and get you on the wealth building road.

6. Investment Card for up to $20,000

An investment visa card for up to $20,000 is an added bonus. It includes a 55 day interest free period on purchases and the interest charged is at the same low rate as the line of credit. A further buffer for investment expenses but more importantly you can say goodbye to the pain of 18% + credit card interest and save yourself money.

You are in Safe Hands choosing Austral Mortgage for you Investment Loan

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